Fireplace backing

31 Jan

I’d been wanting to do something with the interior of this non-functioning fireplace in my kitchen for some time now. I thought of tiling it and was looking at some nice Green Man tiles, but then I saw this period-appropriate fireplace backing at my local recycled construction supply place, Re-Store. It came with a cracked mantle that I didn’t want (and am hoping to sell on ebay). Originally cost $300, but it was marked down to $150 due to the cracked mantle. I had a store credit, so it cost me around $120. The tiles (plus having someone do the work) would have cost a lot more. And if I sell the mantle for $50, it will be another little saving.

It looks soooooo much better! What a difference. I need to re-align it a bit, but it’s so much better than what it was. I think I can live with the exposed brick now, too.

* My digital camera died recently, but luckily I have a camera on my phone. The phone photo quality is pretty good, considering it’s a phone!


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