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Marble sink clean up

31 Jan

I’ve decided that I can no longer stand my bathroom’s condition. My plan was to somehow come into about $20,000 and re-do my own bathroom plus add a guest bathroom on the top floor of the house sometime in the next two years. I’ve decided to revise that plan, and am going to shelve the guest bath plan for now and focus on re-doing my own bathroom as cheaply as possible.

So here’s today’s step towards re-doing the bathroom: cleaning up the marble sink top that was in the basement as much as I could. I had some marble and granite cleaner from Home Depot and some liquid marble polish. This was the best I could do with the tools at hand. It will need some professional help (and the basin will need a whole re-porcelain job), but I thought seeing it everyday would inspire me.

Fireplace backing

31 Jan

I’d been wanting to do something with the interior of this non-functioning fireplace in my kitchen for some time now. I thought of tiling it and was looking at some nice Green Man tiles, but then I saw this period-appropriate fireplace backing at my local recycled construction supply place, Re-Store. It came with a cracked mantle that I didn’t want (and am hoping to sell on ebay). Originally cost $300, but it was marked down to $150 due to the cracked mantle. I had a store credit, so it cost me around $120. The tiles (plus having someone do the work) would have cost a lot more. And if I sell the mantle for $50, it will be another little saving.

It looks soooooo much better! What a difference. I need to re-align it a bit, but it’s so much better than what it was. I think I can live with the exposed brick now, too.

* My digital camera died recently, but luckily I have a camera on my phone. The phone photo quality is pretty good, considering it’s a phone!