Future projects

22 Jan

A few years ago, I stripped the entry doors to the living room and dining room. I ran out of steam when it came to the pocket doors and still haven’t gotten around to doing them. I hope that the summer of 2010 will be when it happens. I have plenty of time and steam right now, but can’t open the windows (due to below-freezing temps, snow, assorted other winter-related conditions).

But this side-by-side shot shows what the dining room door had looked like, and what the pocket door will look like when I get around to doing it. It’s such a big messy project, but the payoff is huge.

Dining room door (left); pocket door (right)

The other thing I’m considering in the dining room is painting the bottom part of the walls a darker color (the color of the little chair rail — a dark brown). It’s extremely light in that room in the mornings (town house, windows on two walls only, this side of the house gets sun until early afternoon), and very pleasant for breakfasts and brunches, but I do like a dark dining room at night and think it might look more “me” with the darker bottom paint. I’d welcome any input!


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