The Craft Room

6 Jan

This is now my guest sitting room. It’s on the top floor front of the house. The room had about a dozen layers of load-bearing wallpaper. I had no idea what an undertaking it was going to be to remove this paper. OMG. With the help of GOOD friends, we got it all off and discovered the plaster walls were a mess. I learned how to use plaster washers and stabilized the walls as best I could on my own (cheapskate). My dear friend Liz S. found some photos of the removal process on her computer, so finally here are some before shots of friends helping. We carried about six big contracter’s bags of wallpaper down to the ground floor (three flights of stairs!).

Then I lined the walls with wall liner and put up this fabulous oriental carpet-esque wallpaper.

The ceiling was plywood, so I papered it with a textured wallpaper and painted it a deep shade of green (so no pesky light would be reflected off it).

I called this the craft room because I had the fleeting idea of doing crafts up there — paper-making, stenciling objets, amateur bookbinding. People thought the name sounded mysterious (more The Craft than dried-flowers), so it stuck.

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