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Bored? Out of work? Poor? Decorate your cat!

6 Jan

The Jerome is surprisingly willing to be adorned. Here he models a sparkling diamond pendant on an elegant silk ribbon and a hand-tatted lace collar.

If one happens to be un- or under-employed, snow-bound, or restless in some other way and temporarily impecuniary, one can re-create this look for one’s own darling feline companion with a few inexpensive items.

If one doesn’t have the Hope (or other named) diamond around, one can use a costume glass pendant. If one doesn’t have silk or velvet ribbon at hand, one can use recycled Christmas (or other gift-laden holiday) ribbon. If one doesn’t have the skill to tat up a collar, one can find an old doily and carefully remove the middle so it fits over one’s cat’s slender head.

The Jerome

The Jerome

The Jerome is looking rather like The Falstaff, but it is surely due to an unflattering camera angle.

New Year’s Resolutions

6 Jan

I have a big list of things I’d like to get down in my house in 2010 (funding permitting), but the two things that bug me every day are the exposed brick walls in the Monkey Room (my home office) and the Kitchen. I think of exposed brick as rustic and not refined at all. It just doesn’t fit in my very elegant office room. So I’m going to hire someone to install firring strips and dry wall and I’m going to paper over that one wall. I’ve seen a very elegant wallpaper that has a black field and monkeys in hot air balloons (really, it’s elegant) that I hope to find and install on that one wall.

The brick in the kitchen isn’t such a mis-match, but I just don’t like it. So I’m going to paint over it, and either tile the inside of the un-usable fireplace or install a period-appropriate fireback that I saw at Re-Store recently.

Both projects will probably happen in the summer.

The Craft Room

6 Jan

This is now my guest sitting room. It’s on the top floor front of the house. The room had about a dozen layers of load-bearing wallpaper. I had no idea what an undertaking it was going to be to remove this paper. OMG. With the help of GOOD friends, we got it all off and discovered the plaster walls were a mess. I learned how to use plaster washers and stabilized the walls as best I could on my own (cheapskate). My dear friend Liz S. found some photos of the removal process on her computer, so finally here are some before shots of friends helping. We carried about six big contracter’s bags of wallpaper down to the ground floor (three flights of stairs!).

Then I lined the walls with wall liner and put up this fabulous oriental carpet-esque wallpaper.

The ceiling was plywood, so I papered it with a textured wallpaper and painted it a deep shade of green (so no pesky light would be reflected off it).

I called this the craft room because I had the fleeting idea of doing crafts up there — paper-making, stenciling objets, amateur bookbinding. People thought the name sounded mysterious (more The Craft than dried-flowers), so it stuck.