Year end wrap up

24 Dec

I started this blog in December 2008 to document renovations I’d already made to my house and ones that I had planned.
So in the past year, I managed to accomplish the following:

+Cleaned out my creepy old basement (after having a new furnace installed in Nov. 2008)
+Put down plastic sheeting in same to keep the damp down (it worked)
+Had five new storm windows installed (they make the windows much less drafty)
+Had a hole in the roof fixed (it’s still holding)
+Had a big ripped up ceiling fixed (see above)
+Re-did the guest room (guests have been happy)
+Installed carpeting in my bedroom (love, love, love it — my room is really cozy and warm now)
+Had a bunch of door weatherstripping done (makes some difference)
+Got two new storm doors (ditto)
+Sewed door and window drapes (these make a big difference with the draft)
+Got lots of new plants and shrubs for my courtyard (beautiful, and I have high hopes for winter survival despite the intense cold we’ve already had)
+Had some leaks in my stoop mended and had the downstairs threshold levelled off by a mason (makes a great difference — it no longer rains under the stoop and the brownstone has stopped flaking off everywhere)
+Paper and re-decorated the downstairs hallway (it looks FABULOUS, but the rising damp is re-emerging)
+Turned my bar-room into a home office and closed the rented office I’d been using (great decision)
+Had some dodgy electrical outlets fixed (still working properly)
+Painted the ceiling in the “craft room” aka guest sitting room (looks great)
+Organized my attic/storage room (could use a refresh)
+Cleaned out a room of junk (still clean!)

Hey! That’s a lot of stuff in 12 months! Sometimes it feels like I’m not making any progress on the house, but when I write it down I really can see how much I’ve done. Phew!


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