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Darkening things up nicely

11 Sep

As one of the final touches for the stripey hallway, I looked high and low (okay, only on the Internet) for black and white polka dot clip-on chandelier shades. To no avail. The closest I found were perforated black and white shades made by Kathy Ireland and sold at LampsPlus. They were $9.99 a piece, plus shipping for a total of $65.00 for five shades. Well, after a long long wait and some calls to customer service, they finally arrived today. I think they may have been discontinued, because I just searched on LampsPlus to find a link to the product and couldn’t.

Well, they’re here. They’re pretty poorly constructed, the glue has worn away in some spots where the shade was attached to the wire frame (maybe that’s why they aren’t showing up on the site), but they look okay for now. I had four matching (quite nice but plain) silk-covered shades on the chandelier before, plus one that sort of matched the others. So if worse comes to worse, I suppose I can figure out how to re-cover the others and/or find someone to do it.

But I think these look okay — they’re pretty nifty with the light shining through them, and they darken things up considerably (I have two sorts of friends — those who love the old dark Victorian look, and those who are constantly nagging me to open drapes or get more lamps or do “something to get more light in here”).

Here are my photos, but please bear in mind what a poor photographer I am! I think they look better in person.