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“creepy basement”

22 Sep

On WordPress, one can see which search terms people have used to get to one’s site. Today a search term that brought someone to my site was “creepy basement” – 🙂

“Grace Flows Down”

18 Sep

I bought this GORGEOUS painting titled “Grace Falls Down” at the Mattoon Arts Festival this year. It’s by artist Catherine Gibbs of Westfield, MA.

I saw it on her web site when she signed up for the festival and thought it was lovely then, but seeing it in person just floored me. What a wonderful painting. I love, love, love, love it and hope to be able to buy more of her paintings in the future. I like to just sit at my kitchen table and look at it.

Especially as it is getting colder and it will be a great visual comfort in the winter!


Garden Tour, Sept. 2009

16 Sep

Some years we have a garden tour as part of our arts festival, and 2009 was one of those years. So I tidied up my garden, filled up the fountain, and let the sun do its thing. Here are a couple of photos I’m planning to look at over the winter to remind me of warmer times….

King Cricket

15 Sep

I had this big cricket hanging out in my garden for a few days, but I haven’t seen him for a while. I call him King Cricket because he’s so big. He has these really soulful eyes, and I just love to look at him. He has stripey legs, but I think he may be missing one leg. Anyway, here are some photos of him in my little back courtyard. I wish I had more zooming power, oh well!

Getting ready for the festival…

15 Sep

We have a fantastic arts and crafts festival on our street every year — it’s always the weekend after Labor Day. There is a magical moment on the street when all the cars are gone, and the street is swept clean, and no one is around…. and then the exhibitors start setting up. But here are some photos of that magic moment of silence…

And here’s the festival web site (maintained by yours truly):