Stripey hallway — almost done!

26 Aug

Here are some views of the latest odds and ends I’ve done in the fabulous striped hallway. Got an INCREDIBLE rich teal blue silk velvet remnant at Osgood’s for $24.00 (!!!!), and have temporarily hung it with temporary clips on a rod with glass finials (Big Lots — $15.00). Also got a cool drape pulling rod (Big Lots, $5.00). Have to sew the drape up properly with hem and lining (I’m thinking shocking orange liner), and have settled on having the one drape only (since that’s all there was for the remnant and it was such a good deal).

Got a mirrored top for the table at ABC Glass ($35.00, custom cut — thank heavens I got the measurements right for once — I usually write the measurements down then mistrust what I’ve written and add a few inches to things for no reason), and will be getting same for top of armoire (in hopes of it reflecting some light into that very dark corner).

Cute little “PAID” stamp bank came from Savers (‘natch) for $3.99.

I went through FIVE paint colors and “custom blends” before I found the one that is up there now. It’s Pratt & Lambert’s “erica” (my name), so how could I resist? Plus, I like it.

Have to decide if I really want to hang the picture that’s leaning against the wall. But those are the last few things — oh, and the polka-dot lampshades. I ordered some from Lamps Plus. I hope I like them, because they were $10.00 each plus $15.00 shipping, so I’ll be out a pretty penny if I hate them and have to send them back….

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