Dining room — Winter 2006

21 Aug

I decided to re-do my dining room over the Christmas break of 2006. During the work, I came down with a terrible cold, but soldiered on and completed the papering and painting in about a week. The room was all white (as was everything). There had been a door on the wall opposite the fireplace that led into a small empty room (now the butler’s pantry). Having that door there made no wall large complete enough to hold a buffet (two windows on one wall, fireplace on another, and pocket doors to the living room on the third). So friends helped cover up that door (also made for much more room for cabinetry in the butler’s pantry, q.v.) in 2004 or 2005 (lost photo years, sadly).

The wall was very very bumpy where the door had been, and I knew that foil wallpaper would help disguise it. I got this fabulous wallpaper from ebay — it’s a Van Luit, Winterthur collection item. Gold foil with black and white partridges and other birds. I did a lincrusta-esque paper on the bottom, with a lincrusta chair rail. Painted the ceiling the same metallic gold (Ralph Lauren at Home Depot) as in the living room. White trim is also same from living room (also R.L. at the Depot).

Will post some more detailed/close up after photos soon.

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