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A favorite corner

20 Aug

I’ve always loved this little corner of my house. I adore this funny little table-with-built-in-lamp (flea market find). The painting on the wall is a favorite (from an auction, probably cost $10.00), the one on the table is by my grandfather, and I’ve had it since I was a little kid. I just got it framed and think the framing shows it off very nicely. Found the shiny orange dish at Savers and got the dog statue in a box lot at the Golden Gavel. These are some of my favorite things! It makes me so happy every time I walk past this happy little corner, and even happier now with the stripey wallpaper.

Happy corner

Happy corner


20 Aug

When I first moved into my house, I was co-owner of a web-design business, and we decided to locate it in this room of my house. The company folded 😦 and I eventually made the room into a bar. I stopped drinking a few years ago, and am curtailing large parties that need a full bar to be a party, so I decided to turn the room back into an office for my accent modification business.

Like all the other rooms in my house, it was 100% white when I moved in (well, except for the brick wall). Hard to find any white today. I can’t find any early early photos (so sad to have lost all of those with the loss of the computer…), but there are some photos from when it was a bar on this site.

So here it is today. I had the big ungainly radiator removed and replaced with a daintier model from the basement. Just painted the big white spot (the paint is still wet!). It’s so hard to take photos in this room because it’s on the darkish side (just the way I like it). The colors are quite lovely, but they do look rather garish in the flash.

Some of the highlights of this room: drapes — I got the fabric at a going out of business sale for about $10.00. Monkey chandelier and sconces. Sink (from bar days) designed and built by New England School of Architectural Woodworking students. Marble shelf over bar is an old fireplace mantel bought at a salvage yard, and marble sink top was pieced together out of marble scraps; Italian faucet and basin from ebay. Fabulous couch was a free gift from a neighbor who didn’t want to pay for reupholstering it (it was scratched up 1980’s green ick). The reupholstering (it’s velvet on the black parts — very rich) was pricey, but worth it. Red wing chairs cost $10 each at a thrift store. Fabulous desk was $100 on ebay.

Future plans: I want to paint the outside edge of the shelves with a dark navy, and possibly add a gold pinstripe. Also need to add to my Hindu and Buddhist statuary collection 🙂

Here are the photos!