Little tiny project

17 Dec

We’re having a snowy icy day today, and my plan is to paint the ceiling in the craft room, but I’m hanging around waiting for Gooch to come or call and tell me if he’s still coming to clean out the rocks and dirt and junk from my basement or if he’ll wait for a drier day. 

So in the meantime, I tackled a little tiny project I’d had in mind for a while. My house was once owned by the same family that owned the house to the right of mine (in a big row of rowhouses), and they put in an interior door between the two. On the other house, this has long been covered over with plaster and their room looks like a regular room. In my house, it was just left as a boarded-up door. The trim around this door is unlike any other trim in the house, and my guess is that it was done in the 1930s or ’40s, but I’m not sure. 

Anyway, I got eight of these coathooks at Ocean State Job Lots (one of my favorite stores). They were $1.00 each. The screws that came with them were too long, though (must have some sort of heavy duty backer board on the other side of the wall), so yesterday I finally went to the hardware store (while getting that paint….) and got the right size. 

So now guests can hang up their coats instead of having to toss them over the banister. 

I think I’d like to find some fabric to hook up on tension rods to cover the door. Or maybe when the basement is cleaned out, I’ll see if I can find a door that fits in the frame and have the narrowest closet in the world!


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