Future bathroom (de-junkified)

15 Dec

I have one full bathroom in my house. And a bathroom it is. No shower. When I first moved in, I thought some riches would fall from the sky and I would renovate my bathrooms and build a shower. Seven years later, I have happily discovered the luxury of a daily bath (in what has become known as the “think tank”), and no riches have yet fallen from the sky.

A room that I have always envisioned as a bathroom (up on the fourth floor in the guest suite), had managed to become filled with junk. Lots of large boxes — empty and full, and old papers, cards, student records. Junk. So this past weekend, I waded through it all and emptied the room. Got rid of tons of empty boxes and packing materials (from stuff I’d bought on ebay) through Freecycle; brought a huge box of things to Savers (where sadly much of it probably originated…); put together heaps of recylcing (they’re going to hate me, and I doubt they’ll take it all in one week); have one box of sensitive documents to be shredded; and put together some possible e-bay items to sell.

And now with the room cleared out (except for a selection of the fire extinguisher collection and a couple of storm windows), I think it frees up the psychic energy for the room to become the bathroom (with a shower) that it yearns to be. 

C’mon money, fall from the sky!

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