The Master Bedroom

2 Dec

This was my August project this year (2008). I bought the vintage VanLuit wall murals on ebay in Jan. 2008 (paid around $2,100 total, they ought to have cost about $5,000 per set — I have three sets — score!). The pattern is “Printemps” and it’s a handblocked mural. It was printed in 1969 (the year I was born). I think the paper and I both look pretty darn good for 40. 

I did all the work on my own, with the exception of the fireplace repair. I’m not thrilled with the way the rosette turned out (on the ceiling), but I hated the colors I had painted it, and frankly I was over the whole thing so I just painted it white and called it a day. 

I still need carpet (gray or sage), and am sorely tempted to charge it, so the room will be done, but I’m holding off.

I also neglected to paint the two closets (linens and walk-in clothing closet), so I should probably do that pre-carpet, in which case it wouldn’t happen until Spring/Summer 2009.

Anyway, I think it looks fabulous, and really enjoying doing stuff like this all on my own. 

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